Enjoy unique Farm-to-Table dining experiences across the property.

From exquisite fine dining enjoyed at our lodge restaurant to the magic of dining under the stars with our bush dinners, set in the heart of nature for a truly memorable culinary adventure while immersed in the beauty of the African wilderness. 

Much of our food is grown in our own garden or sourced from local farmers and producers. By reducing the food miles traveled by our ingredients, we ensure not only the freshest and most flavorful dishes but the most environmentally responsible dishes also. 

Unique Fine Dining Experiences
Experience exquisite fine dining in our restaurant, where each dish is expertly crafted to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your dining experience to new heights. Under the direction of Chef Nhalkanipho Soxhela, (Chef Sox for short), our exquisite tasting menus will change with the seasons.  
Boma Braai
Immerse yourself in the flavors of South Africa with our Boma Braai, a traditional barbecue experience set in our outdoor boma, where guests can enjoy delicious grilled dishes under the starlit sky.
Bush Picnics
Enjoy a picturesque picnic amidst the beauty of the African wilderness with our bush picnics, featuring gourmet baskets filled with delectable treats to enjoy while out on your daily adventures. 
Cookout Breakfasts
Start your day off right with one of our cookout breakfasts, where you can savor hearty breakfast classics cooked to perfection over an open flame, while enjoying your morning adventure out in nature's tranquility.
In-Room Dining
For those seeking a more intimate dining experience, we offer in-room dining services, allowing you to enjoy delicious meals in the comfort and privacy of your own suite.