By choosing to travel with us you choose to put the planet first. Every trip you take with us will contribute to protecting and preserving some of the planet’s most vulnerable ecosystems and communities.

Two wild animals close to each other
Carbon Off Set Fee
Two wild animals close to each other
We have calculated the amount of carbon generated in each of our trips. You’ll notice the ‘greener’ the hotel, the lower your carbon offset fee. We want your travel to not only benefit the place you visit but also not generate any additional carbon emissions. That’s why we have partnered with multiple projects around the globe that are actively sequestering carbon. By supporting these projects we can offset the carbon footprint we do create.

In addition, we encourage you to offset your flight by paying an additional fee to your airline to offset your flight emissions. Together we can help our world become carbon neutral.

Our Projects

Mai NdombeDRC
Forest Protection

Brazilian Amazon
Rainforest Project