Central America

Endless Summer in Costa Rica's Rainforest

day excursion

Journey into the soul-stirring landscapes of Costa Rica, where verdant rainforests meet crystal-clear waters and untouched wilderness beckons. Explore the hidden treasures of lush national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, where every leaf whispers tales of ancient biodiversity. Dive into the depths of the ocean to mingle with majestic bull sharks, and witness the timeless spectacle of sea turtles nesting along pristine shores. Amidst it all, find solace in the luxurious embrace of the Four Seasons, a sanctuary of serenity amidst the natural wonders of Central America. Embark on a voyage of discovery, where the rhythm of nature and the pulse of life intertwine in perfect harmony.

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*All packages are designed for double occupancy. Pricing is subject to change based on availability, dates, inclusions, and any customization
suggested trip length
10 days, 9 nights
Best time to travel
November - May
Other dates available on request
best for
Active Adventure, Families, Couples

Throughout this trip, travelers will learn about commitment to nature, adventure, and protecting the wild lands. This trip focuses on supporting local communities and business.

Your journey

  1. Upala, Costa Rica
  2. Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica

Itinerary at a glance

Upala, Costa Rica

Upon arrival at Guanacaste's Daniel Oduber Airport, your journey is met with a gracious welcome by our attentive team host. With genuine hospitality, they'll introduce themselves and extend a personalized touch as they accompany you to the prestigious Origins Eco Luxury Lodge. As you traverse through the scenic landscapes of Costa Rica, anticipation builds for the eco-friendly sanctuary awaiting your arrival. Once settled in, the remainder of the day is yours to savor at leisure, immersing yourself in the tranquil ambiance and natural splendor that surrounds you at Origins.

Origins Lodge
Meals included
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Day 2
Upala, Costa Rica

Embark on a transformative journey at Nai Tapir Conservancy in Costa Rica. Engage in hands-on activities, learn about biodiversity, and join conservation efforts. Return to Origins Eco Luxury Lodge for rejuvenating spa treatments and gourmet dining amidst nature's serenity.

Origins Lodge
Meals included
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Day 3
Upala, Costa Rica

Embark on an enchanting journey in Costa Rica's Blue River region. Delve into a captivating 6-mile hike, guided by experts, encountering sloths, monkeys, and toucans. Return to Origins Eco Luxury Lodge for relaxation amidst nature's tranquility. Rejuvenate with farm-to-table cuisine and reflect on the day's discoveries in the rainforest's magic.

Origins Lodge
Meals included
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Day 4
Upala, Costa Rica

Immerse in Costa Rican birdlife at Origins Lodge with a tranquil morning of birdwatching. Spot toucans and hummingbirds amidst lush landscapes guided by experts. Continue your journey to the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel, blending nature's tranquility with opulent comforts for an unforgettable day.

Origins Lodge
Meals included
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Day 5
Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica

Explore Palo Verde National Park and El Viejo Wetlands' biodiversity on your way to your new accommodations. Encounter Costa Rica's wildlife with expert guides, understanding conservation efforts. Relax at Four Seasons, reflecting on discoveries amidst serene landscapes. Enjoy exceptional amenities for a memorable stay. your awy

Four Seasons
Day 6
Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica

Spend the day in Marino Las Baulas National Park. Traverse in luxury, guided by hosts. Experience twilight hike to witness sea turtles birth, guided by experts. Cherish the magical moment on the secluded beach, a rare glimpse into nature's wonders.

Four Seasons
Day 7
Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica

Experience a rejuvenating wellness retreat amidst nature's embrace. Enjoy private yoga, breath-work, and massages, set against the backdrop of volcanic springs. Reconnect with yourself amid the healing waters of the mountain range, leaving feeling refreshed and renewed.

Four Seasons
Day 8
Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica

Discover Guanacaste's cultural treasures in this Blue Zone, where vitality thrives. Explore traditional streets and culinary traditions. Immerse in community life, where well-being is as rich as the flavors on your plate.

Four Seasons
Day 9
Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica

Explore the historic Old Casona, indulge in Naranjo Beach's pristine beauty, and marvel at Witch's Rock. Encounter diverse fauna in Santa Rosa National Park before relaxing at the Four Seasons Hotel. An unforgettable Costa Rican experience awaits.

Four Seasons
Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica

Farewell from Costa Rica! From rainforests to beaches, each day brought cherished memories. Carry the spirit of Pura Vida as you depart. Until we meet again, safe travels!

Support Local Families and Communities

This itinerary brings travelers to the homes and business of locals, to not only support their work but learn from them to create a greater understanding and human connection through your travels.

Turtle Reserves Conservancy Program

Visit the Nai Tapir Conservancy who work to ensure the prevalence of wildlife and its habitat through interdisciplinary and community-based stable conservation initiatives that promote coexistence and improve decision-making.

Blue Zone Lifestyle

Focus on family, smaller meals, and life with meaning are all contributing forces that make Nicyoa, Costa Rica a Blue Zone. Meet local centenarians and learn from them their keys to long, healthy livelihood.

Trip summary

Trip summary

Trip Inclusions


  • 4 nights accommodations at Origins Eco Luxury Lodge
  • 5 nights accommodations at Four Seasons Costa Rica

Activities & Tours

  • Visit Tapir Valley Reserve
  • Blue River National Park
  • Birdwatching at Origins Eco Luxury Lodge and Journey Onward to Four Seasons Hotel
  • Private Boat Tour, Rum Experience, Beer Experience and Cultural Tasting
  • Short/Easy Walk to a Turtle Conservancy Experience at Marino Las Baulas National Park
  • Wellness Retreat: Meditation Session, Yoga Session and Forest Bathing at Sensoria Land of Senses
  • Visit Palestina/Filadelfia Blue Zone, Culture Education Speech and Cooking traditional meals
  • Visit the Cultural Monument Santa Rosa’s Casona, visit Playa Naranjo surfing beach, and meet the impressive Witch’s Rock
  • Departure Day from Daniel Oduber Airport

Flights & Airport Transfers

  • Flight on arrival day to Daniel Oduber Guanacaste Airport (transfer from airport to Origins Eco Luxury Lodge)
  • Transfer from Origins Eco Luxury Lodge to the Four Seasons Hotel
  • Flight on departureday from Daniel Oduber Guanacaste Airport (transfer from Four Seasons to Airport)


  • All meals during your stay at Origins


  • Carbon offsetting fees
  • Park entry fees
Trip EXClusions
  • Travel Insurance 
  • Emergency medical insurance 
  • Gratuities 
  • Inbound flight  on arrival day
  • Outbound flight on departure day
  • Meals and drinks not specified in the itinerary or outlined in the inclusions list
  • Additional sightseeings, tours, and admissions not specified in the itinerary 
  • Flights and transfers not specified in the itinerary
Things to know
  • Each itinerary can be tailored to you.
  • Starting price is an average for this itinerary and is subject to change based on availability, dates, inclusions, and any customization.
  • Costa Rica's dry season is December to June and the rainy season is from June to November.
  • Currency Information: Colones & Dollars (USD)
  • Wifi available at each resort
  • Electricity: Type A and B
  • Climate: Costa Rica has a tropical climate. Temperatures range from 28-36°C
  • Passports are required and must be valid for six months after your departure. 
  • Please consult your physician for any required or suggested vaccinations for this region.
  • Should any visas be required for travel to this region, it is the travelers responsibility to obtain and have available when necessary the appropriate valid travel documents.
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Sustainability Efforts

Costa Rica is renowned for its sustainability efforts, encompassing various initiatives to preserve its natural beauty and biodiversity. These include extensive conservation efforts in national parks and reserves, promotion of ecotourism, investment in renewable energy sources like hydroelectricity and wind power, sustainable agriculture practices, and reforestation programs. Additionally, the country emphasizes environmental education and community involvement to raise awareness and foster a culture of conservation among its citizens. These collective efforts underline Costa Rica's commitment to environmental stewardship and serve as a model for sustainable development worldwide.

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